The freezers are full and I am done! I did the grocery shopping on Wednesday last week and finally finished today (Tuesday). I thought it was a good idea to spread out the cooking with having work/church/etc. But I have to admit that I got really sick of being in the kitchen. I am glad this ordeal is over. Though it was totally worth it, and I know we will enjoy the results in the busy nights that are coming. Click here to see freezer cooking part one.

Here are the pictures!

Chili is Chris’ favorite food, so I made sure to make plenty of it!

I got 7 bags each with 8 cups of chili.

I cooked the rice with chicken broth. For the beans I cooked them with beef broth, sliced jalapenos, garlic and onions. I kept some of the beans by themselves, and the rest I added to a bowl with fresh corn, mushrooms, onions and peppers as filling for enchiladas or quesadillas.

It is hard to make a picture of beans to look good. haha Though it did taste really good and will make some delicious enchiladas!

I bought two organic chickens from Costco, so I cooked the second chicken, and chopped the meat from both chickens to freeze.

I got 6 -1 cup- bags of chopped chicken total. This will be good for putting in stir-frys or making chicken salad for lunches.

Bags of enchilada filling with chicken added.

7 bags with 3 cups of rice in each.

Having a full freezer is a problem when you need to get something from the bottom :). I took the opportunity and reorganized after this.

Not wanting anything from my 2 chickens go to waste, for lunch on Sunday I cooked up the chicken hearts and chicken livers and served them with steamed veggies and fried okra. Chris was a champ and finished his before me. I struggled with the texture of the liver. But now I can say I have tried it :).

Last night I made enchilada sauce. I started with a bowl full of dried peppers.

I took of the tops and shook out the seeds.

Then I blistered the peppers in a skillet.

I poured boiling water over them and let them soak for an hour.

Then I blended up the soaked chilies with chicken broth tomato sauce and spices.

Unfortunately it turned out more spicy than I would have liked. But I couldn’t keep adding tomato sauce because I ran out of jars to put it in. haha I am hoping freezing it will mellow the spiciness a bit.

I also had some leftover chicken broth and I didn’t have any jars left, so I cooked it down and froze it in an ice cube tray for bullion cubes.

Finally, a clean kitchen!

Well there you have it folks. It feels good to be done :).