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New Website, New Direction

Hey everyone! I had a couple of days off before another semester of school starts. So my first thought was to get caught up on laundry… and create a new website! I have been feeling for a while that my old blog didn’t really fit my needs and personality anymore and wanted to start fresh in a new space.

I have imported all the content from the other site, so you should be able to search and find any old posts you want to read again.

I hope you subscribe, follow, or check back regularly to hear me talk about my interests, projects and passions. I want to create a space of learning and shared passions and honesty. I am passionate about many things and want to write about all of them! So be prepared to get a big dose of Noelle as I share about recipes, homemade cleaning and beauty products, permaculture, gardening, herbal medicine, and living intentionally. I hope my personality and my heart to help others can really shine through in this new space.

Thanks for reading!


  1. “Beautifully Noelle”!
    I am so thankful to know you personally. I will be a faithful follower of your site. Good for you!

  2. Love the new site and design – super fresh and clean!

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