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What are we doing after the detox?

Today I want to reflect on the last 2 weeks of our detox and share how it helped us and our plans moving forward.

I actually started a week earlier than Chris by going gluten, sugar, and dairy free. I was seriously addicted to carbs and sugar so having an extra week to wean myself off that stuff was majorly helpful! Today marks 3 weeks  and I am feeling so much better. It was amazing to have Chris do it with me. It made all the food prep and meals so much easier having both of us eating the same things. Chris went to a conference on Friday/Saturday last week during our detox and they had hot pretzels, cookies, soda, and lots of other snacks that weren’t on the detox. He passed them all up. I was so proud! It is great that I am married to a man that supports me so much by giving up cookies and hot pretzels to stick to a detox with me :). What a keeper!

I asked Chris to write up his thoughts on the detox. Here they are: Continue reading

January 2015 Detox: Day 14 (our last day!)

We are on our last day!! We made it two weeks without grains, dairy, all forms of sugar, and caffeine. It was tough the first week, but now it just feels normal. I am very thankful for that and it is going to determine how I eat after the detox is over. But, I am going to save my reflections for tomorrow’s post. Today I want to show you what we have been eating the last few days.

DSCF4578 Continue reading

January 2015 Detox: Day 9 (Caesar Salad, Curry, and Dandy Blend!)

I had to write again because we have been eating some amazing meals the last few days. I wanted to share them with you and give you recipes and ideas for things you can be eating if you joined us for the detox!

I have been trying some interesting recipes for breakfast. I wanted something other than greens and eggs so I made faux ‘oatmeal’ yesterday morning with coconut flour and coconut flakes.


I followed the recipe for Coconut Breakfast Porridge, and tweaked it by sweetening it with a banana, adding an extra tablespoon of coconut flour and mixing an egg into it to make it thicker. I thought it was really good and very filling. Continue reading

January 2015 Detox: Day 6 Check-In

We have made it to day 6, SATURDAY! How are you guys holding up? Things are going well over here. I have been trying really hard to incorporate variety into our meals, so neither of us feel deprived, EXCEPT for dessert. Chris especially is missing dessert. I don’t know why it is so ingrained in our culture to have something sweet after every meal, but that is the hardest thing to overcome.

Here are a few of the things we have been eating this week.

Breakfasts have been pretty much the same every day. Greens with some sort of protein or carb, and an egg.

DSCF4531 Continue reading

January 2015 Detox: Day 1 Eats


I wanted to post an example of what we ate today for the first day of our detox. Breakfast started with some leftover pastured pork and blanched greens heated up and put inside an egg. I put some tomatillo sauce on the side with mine :). We took some hot tea to go. Continue reading

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