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Craigslist Dresser to Entertainment Center

Ever since we moved in to our new house (crazy that is has already been six months!), we have wanted to repurpose a dresser into an entertainment center. We finally found one we liked for under $50 on craigslist a couple of weeks ago and went to work.

Unfortunately, I broke the first cardinal rule of furniture repurposing. I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture. You will just have to imagine a brown dresser with gold handle drawer pulls.

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Garden Update June 7th, 2014

Happy Summer everyone! We have had some crazy weather here in Georgia, but things are heating up and the garden is doing great! Lots of exciting things have happened since we talked last. My husband got accepted into a masters program at UGA and started classes a couple of days ago. He will be taking 2 classes a semester (summer, fall, spring) for the next 2 years. I am very proud of him.

Also, we left for a week to go on a vacation! The vacation was absolutely wonderful. We got to hang out with family and went on a cruise. We spent lots of time at the beach, soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, and of course eating lots of delicious food. I couldn’t have asked for a better time!

I was nervous that my newly planted garden would suffer in my absence, but my fears were unfounded. We got back on Monday and I was surprised and delighted to see that everything was thriving and growing.

There are lots of updates in this post, so first I will show you pictures of the garden before we left, as well as my first harvest, pictures from garden today, a fallen limb that almost took out the garden, and building a gate.

Like I said, I was nervous about the garden shriveling up while were gone, so I put a thick layer of leaves so the soil would retain more water.

Now that you have seen the before pictures, here is what things look like now.

I have peppers and okra here, they are doing okay. Not great, but hopefully they will hit their stride soon and really take off. If not I can always plant more beans.

My 3 zucchini plants have taken off! They are getting so big and I can already see 2 or 3 little zucchinis starting to grow.

They are so cute. This is my first time growing zucchini and I am enchanted.

My cucumbers are also growing really well, especially once they started growing up the fence.

My first one should be ready to pick in 2 or 3 more days.

The rest of this garden bed has tomatoes and tomatillos and basil which are also coming along nicely.  A big difference from just 2 weeks ago. I plan to tie them to the fence with twine to keep them supported.

Here is a picture of both beds. Again, I am pleasantly surprised at the growth I am seeing and will be thrilled to be eating cucumbers and zucchini in just a couple of days!

My anise hyssop plant next to the garden is growing beautifully and has started to bloom.

 The bees love it!

My herbs are also doing very well.

I am most excited about the dill. This is my first year growing dill and I have determined I am going to make pickles with my dill and cucumbers.

I had my first harvest of parsley a couple of days ago.

I made a cole slaw with cabbage, carrots, parsley, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Truthfully, I didn’t like it that much. I make another coleslaw with lime juice and cilantro that I liked much better. I wasn’t going to throw it away, so for dinner I took the leftover coleslaw and cooked it in a little bit of leftover beef broth and tomatoes. Then I really liked it and want to make more as soon as I get more parsley.

In other news, apparently there was a big storm while we were gone and lots of limbs fell in our yard. Thankfully none of the limbs fell on our house or vehicles. One of the limbs fell on our fence that I built to trellis the tomatoes. Thankfully, our neighbor saw it and pulled it off while we were gone, and since it fell on the fence, none of the plants were harmed.

It even punctured a hole in the board when it fell. It was definitely a close call and I am so thankful the fence was there.

On Thursday, we finally cut our grass and collected all the limbs and branches that fell in the storm. I look at the pile and give thanks that nothing was damaged!

As far as our summer, Chris and I are both enjoying some down-time and have had the opportunity to work on some projects around the house. Since we got back on Monday we have cleaned out the garage and hung cabinets, cleaned up our yard and Chris built a gate so we can get from our back deck to the yard. I told Chris that I finally feel like a responsible homeowner :).

I think it turned out great.

So, what about you guys? Are you growing anything? Do you feel like an irresponsible homeowner when the grass isn’t cut?

We Bought A House!

I have wonderful news!! Two weeks ago, Chris and bought a house! We looked for 3 years and it was more than worth it to wait for this beauty. I am so excited to show off our new place to my faithful readers :).

When house hunting, we really wanted to stay in the same location and this house is literally on the same street we lived while we were renting. It is true, miracles happen :).

My Dad and brothers, and Chris’ sister and Dad and some friends came out to help us move. We ate chicken soup and grilled cheese as our first meal in the new home. I can’t even describe the feeling!

I will probably show way too many pictures of my new kitchen but I love spending time there. This is our first breakfast together in our new home. We love eating together and looking out the window.

A few days ago Chris hung the our prized stained glass window that my Grandfather made and also hung our fruit basket. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better :).

Off the kitchen is a half bath/laundry room.

Look at all that cabinet space! I am in heaven.

We want to paint the beadboard but keep the trim/chair rail the original wood. Also, we are debating over painting the wall a different color too. Any suggestions on colors?

Our bedroom is on the main floor off the living room. All the rooms in the house get a lot of natural light and it is great!

Our master bath has double vanities. Woot woot!

There are 2 rooms and a bathroom upstairs.

This is the only room we haven’t unpacked yet. But it will be our office and probably my workout room.

There is a jack/jill bathroom between the two rooms. Perfect!

The guest room is set up and ready for my sister to come visit this weekend!

Chris quickly got to work our second weekend here and built a fence so we could let our dog outside to go to the bathroom without having to put him on a leash.

I was sick when all this was going on but I managed to take a few pictures :). That counts for something right?

After getting home from work, he worked after dark 2 days in a row to get it done.

He finished!

On Sunday I was feeling better and raked up a bunch of leaves to fill up the pen so our dog wouldn’t get muddy every time he went outside. I love how it turned out!

We are on a whole acre and I am standing at the back of the property behind the house. WOAH. It is a huge blank slate and I am imagining all the things I want to grow and plant. I am thinking I want to build swales and berms to catch rainwater, cut down trees, build pathways, fence in a garden space, create themed herb gardens, replace landscaping with edible perennials, etc… haha

My to-do list is crazy long and it is tough to focus on school and work when I have so many ideas for decorating and gardening that I want to do NOW. haha I guess it is a good thing it is February and it is too cold to plant.

Those are all the pictures for now. I can’t wait to show more as we update and personalize our house and yard. This is going to be such a fun journey and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful or blessed that we can now call this house our home :).

Thanks for sharing in our blessing. My prayer is that we would be good stewards of our new home and that it would be a place of peace and refreshment for our guests to come.

Family Room Makeover

So I have posted pictures and told you about my work in the bathroom and kitchen. Chris and I worked together on this next project. Despite some early misgivings about the paint color, I feel everything came together beautifully and it is now a place that feels inviting and relaxing.
In true redesign style I will post before and after pictures so you can get the full effect.

The crazy thing is that there are four more totes of books in the office. Despite our relatively short time being alive; it seems we have amassed quite the collection of books.

Very uninspiring if you ask me. It looks cluttered too. Eck. I strongly dislike clutter.

Our beautiful new bookshelves that Chris diligently put together while I was on family vacation. What a wonderful man that I married. We have so many books that each shelf has two rows of books. Good thing for deep shelves.

The left side of the room. I love that everything has a place.

I feel an inspiring piece of art would look great over the fireplace. However, I don’t think my husband would appreciate me removing the television. Oh well.

I don’t like the shades with our new color scheme. So, I am going to try and find white paper, the kind they put on chinese lanterns, to replace the existing lamp shades. I am also looking for ideas on what to put over the couches to fill up some of that empty wall space. What do you think? Any ideas?

Mission #2 Repaint Kitchen – Complete

I finally got the supplies and painted the kitchen yesterday.

I did come across an unexpected challenge though. First off, when I started taking off the plates to the switches and outlets I saw they were all completely painted and stuck to the wall. I had to pry the plates off and you can see from the picture bad it looked. On one outlet, the plate broke in half because the paint was so thick! So I scraped, puttied, sanded, and wiped down to get it ready for painting. Just a wee setback, and it looks much better. We are also going to get new plates to replace the old ones. Gotta make it look good.

This picture is not upside down by the way. That’s how they put in the outlet.

After I cut in the with paintbrush.

Our new and improved antique yellow kitchen! Outlet and switch covers coming soon… as soon as I go to Home Depot to get some.
It was hard to get a good picture, but I really think it brightens up the whole room. It is even more fun to cook now in my happy yellow kitchen.

Coming Soon… Missing #3 Repainting the living room.

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