In May 2015, I started grad school working towards an M.S. in Horticulture Science. I am funded by the USDA through a program called the National Needs Fellows.

My research is on a medicinal herb called Holy Basil aka Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum). My degree is interdisciplinary, and I will be working with the Horticulture and Food Science departments on campus. The Horticulture part will be growing Holy Basil in the field. The Food Science part will be to analyze it in the lab and look at essential oils. I am hoping to evaluate 14 different varieties of Holy Basil based on yield and essential oils to find the best variety to give a growing reccomendation to farmers and home gardeners.  I will document my journey through grad school, and my research on this page.

Holy Basil Research:

Holy Basil Seeding 2015

Holy Basil Planting 2015

Holy Basil Summer Harvest

Holy Basil Summer Processing Sept 2015

Holy Basil Fall Harvest and Processing 2015

Building Protocols for Essential Oil Distillation

Building Protocols for Essential Oil Collection

Hydrodistillation of Holy Basil Essential Oil

When the Research Plan Changes


Grad School:

Graduation Day from Undergrad

I am going to grad school!

First 2 Weeks of Grad School

1st Semester Presentations and Workshops